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★★★★✰  9.3/10, FLORIDA GEEK SCENE

"The allure of this comic lies not only in its unique premise but in its commitment to the spirit of classic 1980s comic books and cartoons...a testament to the vibrant independent comic scene, and ToySack Studios deserves commendation for taking a bold step in bringing this unique vision to life. The 36-page format is just enough to leave readers craving for more, promising a thrilling series ahead... The engaging storyline, coupled with the promise of an upcoming toy line, makes this a must-have for comic enthusiasts and collectors alike." - READ MORE

We ended 2023 with a bang, releasing our first ever comic series, Zors of Terra™ out now on Amazon Kindle and paperback. This was also released in limited quantity on premium print. 

Present day Terra, the "grumbling" of the planet has peaked for the decade and all citizens are on edge to find out what's breaking their world apart, quite literally. The Zors of Terra, made of a hodgepodge of an unlikely band of scalies, are finally assembled to figure it out before it's too late.

The exciting debut of the Zors of Terra series for dino-fans both kids and adults! Pre-order now. Digital copy also available here! Visit for more details. 

* Publisher: ToySack Studios

* Creator: Chino Ragragio

* Format: 36-Pages

* Release Date: December 2023

ABOUT ZORS OF TERRA. In a parallel universe, an asteroid packed with bio-tech mass hit the planet 65 million years ago, transforming dinosaurs into an advanced civilization instead of wiping them out. But now, extinction seems to be catching up with them, and the world's citizens rest their future on the hands of one team, the ZORS of TERRA.

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